Cooking and love have a lot in common. Both thrive on attention, care and feeling what the ‘dish’ (or the other person) needs. The better ‘friends’ you become with the ingredients and get to know their qualities, the better the results will be. Both cooking and love are about sharing and fun. They invoke interesting conversations and curiosity. Both are really good to our health (when done well) and both can be learned, practiced, refined and explored. Love and cooking thrive on beauty, harmony, balance and little surprises. They are about problem solving and being present. And of course, one of the main ingredients: patience! The best dishes, the tastiest breads and the most beautiful vegetables had the time to ripen and richen.

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English text, hardcover, full colour,

uncoated matte paper (FSC)

256 pages full of beautiful vegan and vegetarian recipes, Swedish countryside charm and lots of inspiration and best practices on the love for cooking, playing with flavors and variables, circular gastronomy, how to design a meal and farm-to-table.

The book will be a delight to read, look through and of course most of all to make your own yumminess at home.

Price for 1 book:  295 sek

Price for 2 books: 550 sek